Chuck Tenderloin Steak $18.95

A 16 oz cut from the most tender chuck muscle

this steak is extremely lean and tender with

all the full bodied chuck steak flavor


Chopped Chuck Steak $14.95

16 oz ground angus chuck seasoned

grilled and seared to your liking

served with a mushroom au jus


Delmonico Cut Rib Eye Steak $25.95

Each of our 14 oz cut Rib Eye Steaks are hand trimmed of excess fat and tied back together for a real Delmonico cut

with rich marbling and great flavor


Boneless New York Strip Steak $25.95

 Each of our 14oz in house cut 1/4” trim Certified Angus

NY Strip has great marbling that creates fantastic

tender, hearty, beefy flavor

We hand cut our steaks from Certified Choice Midwest beef, seasoning it generously, brand them at 1100°
then sear them in a hot finish oven to capture their natural juices for plating.
All served with a fresh salad, choice of starch and chef’s fresh vegetable of the day

To enhance your steak experience, we offer the following made to order

variations to compliment any of our steak selections for an additional $2.00

Steak Sauce, Au Poive, Diavlo, Black Pepper,Bleu

Tenderloin of Pork Single $14.95 / Double $19.95

The absolute best cut of pork spiced, grilled, then roasted to your liking,

servedwith a fresh apple and apple schnapps reduction


Chicken Steaks 8 oz $9.95 16oz $15.95

Fresh chicken breast cutlets seasoned, grilled perfectly

served with a chicken au jus


Chicken Au Poivre

Peppercorn dusted breast pan seared, deglazed with cognac, simmered

to perfection with a rich stock, and cream



Chicken Cordon Bleu

Boneless breasts topped with, country ham and Swiss cheese, pan seared

in a creamy mushroom sauce



Chicken Panzanella

Breast of chicken pan seared and topped with fresh tomato, fresh basil,

roasted cloves of garlic & pinot grigio wine



Garlic Chicken

Fresh breast sautéed with 20 cloves of garlic, fresh parsley and fresh basil

served in a pinot grigio reduction



Chicken Carbonara

Breast of chicken sautéed withpieces of lean bacon, diced prosciutto, peas,

cream and parmigiana cheese



Rack of Lamb 10oz Rack $ 16.95 / 20oz Rack $32.95

New Zealand frenched lamb racks herb crusted, oven roasted, finished

with a roasted garlic, fresh mint white balsamic reduction


Slow Roasted Ribs 1/2 Rack $15.95  Full Rack $23.95

St. Louis style ribs slow roasted with our dry rub and house made BBQ sauce


Savin Rock Chicken

Breast of chicken topped with our plum tomato sauce, baked with eggplant,

prosciutto, parmigiana, mozzarella and peas.



Chicken Picatta

Fresh breasts pan seared in a rich roasted garlic, caper,

chardonnay wine butter sauce



Pecan Chicken

Breast of chicken pan seared with delicious Georgia pecans

in a creamy marsala wine reduction



Lemoncello Chicken

Tender breasts sautéed in butter, house made lemoncello, fresh lemon

and chardonnay wine.



Nonnie’s Chicken

Breasts of chicken sautéed with sausage, onions, garlic, hot & sweet peppers

and pinot grigio wine





Entree plate sharing charge $3 Includes salad, starch & fresh veg of the day
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