Chuck Tenderloin Steak $18.95

A 16 oz cut from the most tender chuck muscle

this steak is extremely lean and tender with

all the full bodied chuck steak flavor



Delmonico Cut Rib Eye Steak $25.95

Each of our 14 oz cut Rib Eye Steaks are hand trimmed of excess fat and tied back together for a real Delmonico cut

with rich marbling and great flavor

We hand cut our steaks from Certified Choice Midwest beef, seasoning it generously, brand them at 1100°
then sear them in a hot finish oven to capture their natural juices for plating.
All served with a fresh salad, choice of starch and chef’s fresh vegetable of the day

Pecan Chicken $13.95 / $18.95

Breast of chicken pan seared with delicious Georgia pecans

in a creamy marsala wine reduction 

Lemoncello Chicken $12.95 / $17.95

Tender breasts sautéed in butter, house made lemoncello,

fresh lemon and chardonnay wine. 

Nonnie’s Chicken$13.95 / $18.95

Breasts of chicken sautéed with sausage, onions, garlic,

hot & sweet peppers and pinot grigio wine

Chicken Au Poivre $12.95 / $17.95

Peppercorn dusted breast pan seared, deglazed with cognac, simmered

to perfection with a rich stock, and cream 

Chicken Cordon Bleu $13.95 / $18.95

Boneless breasts topped with, country ham and Swiss cheese, pan seared

in a creamy mushroom sauce 

Chicken Panzanella $12.95 / $17.95

Breast of chicken pan seared and topped with fresh tomato, fresh basil,

roasted cloves of garlic & pinot grigio win 

Garlic Chicken $12.95 / $17.95

Fresh breast sautéed with 20 cloves of garlic, fresh parsley and fresh basil

served in a pinot grigio reduction 

Chicken Carbonara

Breast of chicken sautéed withpieces of lea$13.95 / $18.95n bacon, diced prosciutto, peas, cream and parmigiana cheese

Center Cut Pork Chops Rosemary $ 12.95 /  $18.95

Rosemary and sea salt seasoned chops seared with roasted garlic &

crispy potatoes, finished with fresh squeezed lemon

Center Cut Pork Chops Nonnie Style $12.95 /  $18.95

Center cut chops topped with sauteed sausage, garlic, onions, sweet & hot peppers finished in a pinot grigio sauce

Center Cut Pork Chops Oreganato $12.95 /  $18.95

Center cut chops topped with sauteed onion, fresh oregano, olives,

white wine and a touch of plum tomato

Grilled Center Cut Pork Chops $ 12.95 /  $18.95

Specially seasoned chops seared over an open flame to your liking

served with house made apple sauce

Rack of Lamb 10oz Rack $ 16.95 / 20oz Rack $32.95
New Zealand frenched lamb racks herb crusted, oven roasted, finished

witha roasted garlic, fresh mint white balsamic reduction

Chicken Steaks 8 oz $9.95 16oz $15.95

Fresh chicken breast seasoned, grilled perfectlyserved with natural juices

Savin Rock Chicken $13.95 / $18.95

Breast of chicken topped with our plum tomato sauce, baked with eggplant,prosciutto, parmigiana, mozzarella and peas.

Chicken Picatta $12.95 / $17.95

Fresh breasts pan seared in a rich roasted garlic, capers,

chardonnay wine butter sauce

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Chopped Chuck Steak $14.95

16 oz ground angus chuck seasoned

grilled and seared to your liking

served with a mushroom au jus